Important Dates

March 1st

Taxable status Date- Assessor assesses property according to its condition and use and ownership as of this date. For example, if you are building a house and it is 50% complete by March 1st, the assessed value would be based on only the completed portion.

Last day for exemption applications to be filed.

May 1st

Tentative Roll Complete- This roll is available to be seen and examined by any interested party. At this time you can check for accuracy of exemptions, etc. No changes can be made to this role without going through the Board of Assessment Review process.

Fourth Tuesday in May

Grievance Day- Board of Assessment Review meets at the advertised time and place to hear complaints against real property tax assessments only, not taxes.

July 1st

Final Assessment Roll Completed- This is the filed roll used to levy taxes against. Any errors on this roll can be corrected through the corrections of the error process (RPTL 553).