Image of leaves for the fall leaf pick-up schedule.

Welcome to Leaf Season 2023

Since we never know what Mother Nature has in store for us in terms of weather each year, we try to make things as simple as possible for everybody. Here are a few guidelines to help make this season run as smoothly as possible:        

  •    PLEASE remember that we rotate our schedule every year, and that there are advantages to being picked up "early" or "late" in the schedule.  If you are one of the first few wards scheduled for pick up you are virtually guaranteed at least a 2nd pass by the vacuum trucks.  We KNOW many of your leaves may not have fallen yet, but we hope you'll get out what you can while the weather is still cooperating.
  •    If you have help with your leaves PLEASE make your landscapers aware of our schedule.  Don't forget, they are working for you.            
  •    After Thanksgiving, we will begin again with the vacuum truck at the top of the schedule.

   PLEASE assume that this will be the LAST pass for the vacuum trucks.  We may POSSIBLY return if  weather permits, but we can make no promises.

As always, leaf bags will be available here at the Highway Office on the day after COLUMBUS DAY,  Tues., Oct. 10th this year.  The bag truck will continue to circulate through the town through December; as soon as you fill bags, put them out! 

Have a safe and healthy autumn.



Under the direction of 

Mike Simon/Superintendent of Highways


Please have leaves out to the road the 1st day of your ward's schedule to ensure they will be picked up.
This does not include brush pick-up.

We will not pick up any loose leaves on state or county roads, only bagged leaves.


Beginning October 10th, the Town Highway Department will be giving out leaf bags to Town of Poughkeepsie Residents only. You can pick up your bags Monday through Friday from 7am to 3pm at the Highway Office, located at 8 Burnett Blvd.  If leaves are bagged, they must be biodegradable. No plastic bags will be accepted.

Throughout our leaf schedule, a separate truck will be circulating the Town picking up bagged leaves.  The bag truck does not follow the loose leaf schedule. Please place leaf bags roadside as you fill them, and a truck will be through periodically.

If you have questions, please contact our office at (845) 452-1750

Note: We will not pick up any loose leaves on State or County roads. BAGS ONLY.

Schedule by Ward

Ward 1

  • Friday, November 17th
  • Monday, November 20th
  • Tuesday, November 21st
  • Wednesday, November 22nd

Ward 2

  • Wednesday, November 1st
  • Thursday, November 2nd

Ward 3

  • Wednesday, November 8th
  • Thursday, November 9th
  • Friday, November 10th

Ward 4

  • Friday, November 3rd
  • Monday, November 6th
  • Tuesday, November 7th

Ward 5

  • Monday, November 13th
  • Tuesday, November 14th
  • Wednesday, November 15th
  • Thursday, November 16th

Ward 6

  • Monday, October 30th
  • Tuesday, October 31st

What ward do I live in?

Check your ward by street address.