Welcome to our new Online Billing System

Water Bills can now be paid ONLINE. 

The Town of Poughkeepsie is proud to announce the launch of its online portal for Water and Sewer payments. In order to utilize this service, residents will need their customer number and account number which can be obtained from a recent bill.

This site offers a “pay now” function, as well as the “sign up” option to view usage and history. Payments can be made immediately, or you can use the 'schedule payment' feature. The “view bill” option through the sign up feature is currently disabled, but our support team is working diligently to have this resolved.

You can see historical usage reports as well as your previous bills.


There are two things you will need to access to your account online. 

  • Account Number

    • If your account number starts with a W, it must be capitalized or it will not be able to find you.  This will be shown on your bill you receive.
  • Customer Number

    • You will also need your Customer Number (do not try to use your customer name) .  You can also find this on your bill.

Both are required for so the system can find your account when you set up for your access online.

Town of Poughkeepsie's Online Water Billing Page

QUESTIONS? Contact our Water department by emailing us, or calling 845-462-6535