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Posted on: October 5, 2023

Police / Court Relocation Working Group Releases Final Report

In a significant development stemming from a proposal made in December of last year, a Working Group comprising knowledgeable residents has presented its final report to the Town Board during a Wednesday night meeting. The report, along with a brief discussion involving two group members, marked the culmination of efforts to find a suitable location for the Police Department and Town Courts.

The Working Group, comprised of individuals with diverse skill sets and expertise, has provided recommendations to the Town Board regarding the most fitting options for the relocation. The board welcomed these recommendations and pledged swift action to initiate the next phase of consideration for the proposed sites.

After a thorough evaluation, the group has shortlisted four specific sites that align with the needs of both the police and courts, who are currently housed at 19 Tucker Drive. These sites are:

  1. The Former Duchess Golf and Country Club
  2. The IBM 708 Building
  3. The Former IBM Education Building
  4. The "IBM Meadow" - an ample vacant parcel of land suitable for new construction.

The Working Group's Final Report has been uploaded to the Working Group page and is now available for download and review by the public. It is important to note that these are the exclusive sites currently under consideration, superseding any previously proposed site reviews, including the Poughkeepsie Day School. Supervisor Jay Baisley stated during the meeting that "The Poughkeepsie Day School has been taken 'off the table'" and will no longer be considered for review at this time as a potential location for the relocation of the Town Police and Town Court.

Supervisor Jay Baisley and the Town Board expressed their gratitude to those who participated in the Working Group, acknowledging their dedication to the endeavor that aims to provide our police and courts with a suitable facility to continue serving our community to the best of their ability.

This update marks a significant step forward in the ongoing process of finding a new home for the Town's essential services. Further developments and decisions will follow as the Town Board proceeds with the next phases of the relocation project.

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